IBSU is committed to maintaining high standard quality in all its activities.

We believe that earning a globally recognized QMS certification will be an incentive for concentrating more on quality issues and maintaining continuous improvement. We have reviewed ISO 9001:2015 standard requirements which we found to be quite useful, and are now focusing on EFQM criteria as the Georgian official trend is towards that direction.

We have already become an EFQM member.

The TQM and Strategic Planning Office is currently coordinating the preparations for meeting the requirements of a possible international certification by identifying the main and sub processes at the university, quality goals and tools, KPIs, and the updating of QMS documentation.

The idea is to make lives easier by removing the fog around the questions of ‘what to do now’, ‘how to do it’, and ‘why doing it’, identifying causes that lead to possible and existing problems, gathering relevant data for institutional improvement and better decision making, reach teaching and research excellence, and thus contribute our best to the society.

We’ve come a long way so far, but the quality journey is endless, and we’re determined not to quit!